EMF radiations : Le tueur silencieux

juillet 14, 2014

EMF radiations : Le tueur silencieux



EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation, also called Electromagnetic Radiation, is a cause of cellular degradation due to DNA damage. Some of the primary sources of this radiation are electric fields - the fields that emanate from anything that has voltage - and magnetic fields - the kind that emanate from power meters. Constant exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation can lead to EHS, or Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity. Some symptoms that follow this are shortness of breath, dizziness, nosebleeds, cataracts,
and poor memory. Eventually, these symptoms develop into more serious illnesses, such as brain tumors and child leukemia.

What's even more concerning is that a lot of the sources of EMF Radiation can be found in schools today. Parents and administrators are blindly allowing new technology in for the sake of learning and development. As a result, health is compromised. Here are a few sources of EMF Radiation that can be found in a typical school campus.

1. WiFi

Wireless communication is listed as a primary source of Electromagnetic Radiation. Many campuses - from primary level to colleges - have wireless internet connection installed. Teenagers and young adults may be able to withstand the radiation from the magnetic fields, but children - with their thin skulls - are extremely susceptible.

2. Cellular/Mobile Phones

Henry Lie is a scientist noted for his published studies on the DNA damage from cell phone radiation. Phones nowadays that double as devices to log on to the internet are doubly damaging, as they make use of both wireless network signals and radio waves for transmitting and receiving calls.

What's worrying is that children below 12 years old own cell phones of their own. While it's a good way to contact Mummy and Daddy, experts caution that the electrosmog (another term for EMF Radiation) from wireless phones is still considered one of the leading causes of child leukemia.

3. Exposed Metal Plumbing and Power Lines

Metal plumbing - especially old metal plumbing - carry currents, and they're a good source of unfiltered electric field. There's such a thing as electric pollution, and exposure to such a phenomenon can cause irritability, headaches, and dizziness. Exposed power lines and metal pipes contribute heavily to dirty electricity.

Metal pipes behind walls and power lines underground still emit a good deal of electric pollution, but the exposure is regulated through the material and the distance. One of the most effective ways to clean the electricity is by using filters, such as the Graham-Stetzer filter.

These are just 3 of the main sources of EMF Radiation that can be found in typical schools. There are plenty more, outside the school and inside the home. EMF experts also caution against the latest in wireless technology: smart meters. These meters transmit data wirelessly to appliance units. Many households have begun installing them for their appliances, oblivious to the effects they have on the human body.

While protection from these sources are a good way to avoid EMF Radiation, prevention is still better. Switch back to cable phones for the house and avoid installing smart meters near the bedrooms. Put as much distance between your house and the power cables. If you can afford Graham-Stetzer filters for your house, then buy several.